Friday, May 4, 2018

The Vanilla Martini Day Massacre

"Hello, Barrow Street.  I'm a bonny avenue." 

Yes it's nice to meet you too.

here, at this 'Winterstice' ... where fevered white pellets commune in the chocolate square cracks, of a manhole cover concealing centennials of crap.

With a glass heart blowing fire, burrowing holes in my back

and the cold provides clarity so the wind portends calm
and all of my longings, they are, so far, longings long gone.

times I alight with a life swept, spent, lilt
or cowering in the webbed spans of counterclockwise guilt sifting the sands

babe cradled by tide, tide rocking in silt.

But i am ok... Okay?

"If it's ok with you.” 

NYC - 2007

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