Monday, February 19, 2018

Renne-Van Rose - In Memory of Renne

  Most of my earnest attempts to “be serious” in life,  only made people laugh. I finally decided it that the world must need more whimsy! Ever since, I have become seriously whimsical in writing comedy and in creating creatures who come to life with foam, glitter, glue and perhaps an incantation or two! 
The masks and lanterns I make reflect my love of comedy as a means to investigate the constant conflicts of being human. 
Ultimately, I believe humour is the surest gateway to hope. It is a belief reinforced by my friend, Renne Rose, before she passed away in January 2016.  The jaunty bird, Renne-Van Rose was created in her honour, with good faith that she took flight. Before she left, she helped me find my wings. I sometimes sense she still leaves lovely, shiny things in my path. 

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